Welcome to London Counselling & Therapy Service

We are a specialist provider of psychological therapies to treat a wide range of emotional and mental health problems. We provide an integrated and personalised approach to counselling and psychotherapy, which is based on the needs of each individual client. This means we tailor treatment to what works for you. In doing so, we draw from a range of evidence based approaches, which means that research has shown that these approaches are effective. London Counselling & Therapy Service is registered with many leading private health insurers.

We provide support to help deal with many emotional challenges, including:

      •    - anxiety
      •    - stress
      •    - depression
      •    - burn-out
      •    - bipolar disorder
      •    - personality disorders
      •    - addiction
      •    - interpersonal and relationship problems
      •    - trauma
      •    - existential issues

About us

London Counselling & Therapy Service is based on the work of Dr. Werner Kierski, who is a counsellor and psychotherapist with over 15 years experience of clinical experience. He is a senior accredited member of the British Association of Counselling

How we work

The following section gives you an overview of the principles that are used by the London Counselling & Therapy Service. A core principle is to offer all clients the choice to work therapeutically for as long as they wish. There


The London Counselling & Therapy Service embraces research into effectiveness and outcome of therapy. We also carry out research on behalf of organisations and individuals. Our research related services are available to provide consultancy and supervision for commercial organisations, universities,