The London Counselling & Therapy Service embraces research into effectiveness and outcome of therapy. We also carry out research on behalf of organisations and individuals.

Our research related services are available to provide consultancy and supervision for commercial organisations, universities, qualified therapists and training therapists who want to complete research into a topic of their interest.

Current doctorate supervision includes these projects:

  • The transition of soldiers from military into civilian life.
  • The experience of living with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.
  • Psychotherapy and forgiveness.
  • The experience of surviving cardiac arrest.
  • The experience of spontaneous images in worry.
  • “Entrepreneurs on the Couch” toward an understanding of emotional themes expressed by entrepreneurs.
  • Existential attitude in CBT therapists.
  • The lived experience of men who become therapists following a former career.

We are able to also carry out research on behalf of organisations, wishing to understand their internal dynamics and processes, many of which may be driven by emotional and psychological factors. For example, we can carry out employee-attitude-surveys or psychological company audits. This can be for clients who operate either nationally or internationally. When doing so we will act as a consultant and we will plan, implement and analyse the research, which will be present to the client organisation in a jargon-free way.