Wolf Studies

Meeting a wolf and experiencing the presence of such a sensitive and sophisticated animal can be an inspiring and uplifting experience.

Male Psychology

The emotional processes of men are complex and multi-layered. Werner offers a safe and supportive environment in which to deal with difficult emotional experiences that men can experience.

New Depression Treatments

There are currently many studies being carried out in different countries researching new types of depression treatment. Ketamine, Esketamine and repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation are now available in the UK whilst other chemicals are undergoing phase 2 trials.

Support for Medical Professionals

Like anyone else, medical professionals experience emotional and mental health struggles, caused by work stress, problems in their private lives or as a combination of both and may benefit from expert therapeutic support offered by Dr. Werner Kierski.

Dealing with Painful and Traumatic Boarding School Experiences

According to experts from the organisation “Boarding School Survivors”, adults who have been to boarding school may experience a range of unwanted severe and complex difficulties caused by boarding. These can be addressed in therapy with Werner who has worked with many ex-boarders.